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Android TCP App

A lightweight app for the Android platform that demonstrates communication with a T-series device over its Modbus TCP interface (Ethernet/WiFi).

The .zip downloads provide both an .apk file and its source code. The 2021 package is an update that uses Gradle to build (to make building in Android Studio easier). The older 2014 package was built in Eclipse.

The .apk file installs the app, and is also provided for direct download. To install the app, first on your Android device enable "Unknown sources" in Settings->Security. Then either copy the LJModbusDemo.apk file to your Android device or download it directly from the LJModbusDemo.apk download link. Afterwards, open LJModbusDemo.apk to start installation. After installation you can disable "Unknown Sources".

For full details, including in-depth installation instructions, refer to the download's README.txt file.