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UD Setup V3.15

This is an archived version of the LabJack Universal Driver(UD). If you would like the latest version, please get it from here.

This driver supports the U3, U6, and UE9. This install includes drivers, documentation, and the utility applications LJControlPanel and LJSelfUpgrade. August 12, 2009, 10.3 MB, Windows XP/Vista/7 32-bit.

The utility applications LJControlPanel and LJSelfUpgrade require the .NET framework available for free from Microsoft. The installer above will detect whether .NET framework V1.1 is installed, and if not will download and install it (~22 MB).

If you need a different version of the UD driver or use 64-bit architecture, please visit this support page.

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We have the Labjack U12. Unfortunately our computer crashed and our CD containing the software is missing. Can we get the software? We are using Windows XP



When I try to install this .exe it throws an error saying that it wont install in older version of windows than XP, I have Windows 7 -64 bits, I have been trying to install the 3.25 version but then windows doesnt recognize the hardware, when I try to update the driver manually, it says that the driver is already up to date. 

This version of the installer is outdated and mostly here for people who need exactly that version.  For Windows-7 64-bit you should be using the 3.25 version.  If that version isn't working it is probably something that can be fixed.