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Windows Setup Basic (Driver only)

This is a barebones Windows installer of the LabJack software for U3, U6, UE9, T4, and T7 devices. It will install the files required for the LJM and UD libraries but, unlike the full installer, will install no additional applications. It is primarily used by people who are distributing their own software for use with a LabJack.

Programmatic Install

Running the installer executable with the argument /S performs a silent install. For example:

my\path\to\LabJackBasic-2017-12-20.exe /S

The above command will not show a User Account Control popup if you use a cmd window that was Run As Administrator.

Installing with .NET

This version will install the LJUDDotNet library for .NET if it detects .NET on the system, but it will not install .NET. Thus, if you are using .NET you should ensure that it is installed before running this installer.


Older installers give a pop-up midway through installation, even with /S. To circumvent this, LabJackBasic-2017-09-12-beta.exe and later installers automatically add LabJack's certificate to the Windows TrustedPublisher store using certutil.

If you would like any changes made or run into any problems please let us know at [email protected]. To start making your own installer, see the Example Windows LabJack Installer.

LJM and UD Software Basic Installer Windows (Software Platform)



Thanks for the basic installer. As it is an EXE file is there a way to make it an unattended installation so that none of the dialogs pop up? An INF file would have been more handy as I'm using DPINST to create my driver installer, are there any plans for it in the pipeline?

We are working on a version now that shouldn't have any of the dialogs when running this.  We mostly had them on just for troubleshooting to make sure everything was going as it should.  Now that we are fairly confident it works we can hide them.

It's difficult (if even impossible) to do everything we need to do for an installer in a .inf file (such as register .NET components and check for previous versions made with other installers that need to be uninstalled).  If you already have a .inf file and DPINST working and just want to add the LabJack driver info to that send us an email to [email protected] and we can probably help you set that up.


I would like to know when this new version, with no dialogs, will be available.  It seems that it should be about to be released, but I wonder whether you have any date in mind.

Thank you.


That version was just uploaded.  Please let us know if you run into any problems or would like anything changed/customized.

I made a LabVIEW executable and added the basic U3 barebones with no GUI to the end of my installer.  I have had success loading with XP and Vista but whenever I try to install on Windows 7 the device driver cannot be found.  The only work around I have found is to uninstall the basic driver and install using the 3.25 version available from the U3 support page.  I noticed that the basic driver version is 3.24 while the latest version with the interface is 3.25.  Is there a significant difference between 3.25 and 3.24 and if so would it be possible to upload the 3.25 version without the interface?  Otherwise do you have any suggestions for Installing on Windows 7.


Is the Windows 7 version a 64-bit copy?  If so that might be the problem.

I just uploaded the 3.25 versions of these drivers.  They do have some other changes so give them a shot on Windows 7 and see if they work.  If not let us know and we can take a look and see if we can discover why they don't work the same way.

Does this driver work for both the U3 and the T7?

Yes, this installer contains everything for the U3, T7 as well as the U6, UE9 and Digit.

This is supposed to work for Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit correct? Will it work for Windows 8/8.1? Are certain service packs required? We have a customer who is having issues with your installer not working properly and we are trying to get to the bottom of it. It works for us on Windows 7 64 bit SP1, and Windows 8.1. We are looking into which exact OS version they have.

This should work for all those versions without issue.  The only service pack requirement is for Windows XP you need SP2. 

Installer issues can be many things, often due to some configuration or something on the user's PC.  If you send us an email to [email protected] with as much info as you know about what isn't working (specifically where it stops, how far it gets, if there is any error message, etc) we can help you figure it out.