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U12 Software Installer - U12


The U12 Library is used for programming with the U12 device. Find example code in several languages below. If you can't find example code for a particular language, the user's guide is a good resource to get you started.

Notice: macOS 10.15.4+ are not supported for the U12

The U12 USB interface relies on Apple kernel extensions, which were deprecated in macOS 10.15.4.

Windows Silent Install

The Windows U12 installer will install the LabVIEW 7.1 Runtime Engine installer if it hasn't already been installed. To install the U12 installer completely silently, first download the LabVIEW 7.1 Runtime Engine installer:

Download: LabVIEW 7.1 Runtime Engine installer

Next, run both installers silently:

.\LVRunTimeEng71.exe /quiet
.\LabJack-U12-Installer-2016-09-14_0.exe /S

The above commands will not show a User Account Control popup if you use a cmd window that was started with Run As Administrator.


U12 Software Stack Installer Windows (Software Platform)

Installation package for Windows for the U12.

U12 Software Stack Installer Mac (Software Platform)

This is the installation package for Mac OS X for the U12.

It does not support macOS 10.15 or later.


U12 Software Stack Installer Linux (Software Platform)

This is the installation package for Linux for the U12.


Support - LJM Installer Location Reminder

Looking for software for the T7, T4 or Digit?

Support - UD Installer Location Reminder

Looking for software for the U3, U6, or UE9?


Lack of a straight down load of labjackuw.dll ?

No I have had to download the complete setup.exe file and do a test install to make sure Labveiw is not installed on my machine.

The installer just installs a LabVIEW run-time engine, not actually LabVIEW.  It also installs some example applications.

I have posted a zip above with just the DLL and OCX.

On Windows 7 the windows of the legacy software have some formatting problems resulting in sometimes poorly usable software.

On the good side - the connection via the device server (TCP/IP) works!

We are looking into rebuilding the VIs.

any news in rebuilding? It is risky to use the legacy logger software, because of the formatting problems, having erroneously aligned rows...

Try V1.13 now posted above, although the FTP/HTTP/Email features had to be removed if you were using those.


Just downloaded the evaluation (30 days) version of Labview 2010 SP1 and tried  http://labjack.com/sites/default/files/software/2009/08/U12SetupV121.exe (the above link).

Basic Eanalogin, eanalogOut, edi, edo works, did not test the other VIs.

Will be giving this version of Labview with labjack U12 a good test this autumn semester (A2011) .

Running Windows 7 (32 bits).





I'm having an issue with labview. The error message says that the "serial port is not configured." Since my instruments are connected to Labjack, does that mean I need to download the labjack drivers, or is there some other issue here? The reason I ask this is because my computer crashed along with my previous information. Thanks.

Where are you getting that error, as our devices do not use the serial port?  If it is coming from one of our examples, what is the errorcode number?

See the general information about using the U12 in LabVIEW.

There is an error code number, from LabVIEW: Error-1073807343, and it gives as a possible reason this error: "VISA: Insufficient location info or the device or resource is not present in the system." 


That is a LabVIEW errorcode not a LabJack errorcode.  I would assume it is coming from an NI VI not a LabJack VI? Perhaps you have a VISA VI that is talking to some serial device?

Is this coming from one of our examples?  Did you look at the general information about using the U12 in LabVIEW?


For many years we have been using U12’s and more recently U3’s and U6’s attached to a PC running XP. We have an application ( https://www.unc.edu/~ogmonbur/ms/ms-docs/ms-infoP0.html ) using three U12’s; two of which are under VB.NET control and the other under LabView. It works very well and we want to thank LabJack for this.
We are now trying to make the system work under WINDOWS 7 but with very little success (if any). The problem seems to be related to finding the hardware (both U12 and U3 - have not tried U6 as yet).
But under WINDOWS 7 no matter which one we select to test, the software always runs the first U12. We are hoping that this problem is related to ours and that fixing it may fix the other.

So when you run LJlogger with your 2 U12s connected, no matter which one you select it always uses the same one?  I looks like both have LocalID=7, so have you tried giving them different LocalIDs using LJconfig?  I suggest continuing this discussion by posting on our forum or sending email to [email protected].

Re-configuring worked, thanks. I did not realize the local ID was kept in the U12. That explains why they came up with the same local ID on both computers, but it does not explain why the XP did not have any problem differentiating between the two U12's while the WINDOWS 7 computer did. No problem though. Thanks again.

Labview 2013 works with Win7 and the U12SetupV121.exe.


Rasmus from Denmark's picture

Error 1327 Invalid drive X:\

Why, oh why does the installer want access to the file server drive X:\ - this error crops up during install, even though nothing in the install dialog box suggests that anything should happen on an X-drive.

Please help.


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What version of Windows?  Can you tell us where in the install process it has a problem and send a screenshot?



labjack support's picture

Screenshot came through email and you said you are running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.

It looks like the LabJack part of the installer went fine, but then the last thing it does is launch the NI LabVIEW Run-Time Engine 7.1 installer and that causes the error.

Try getting the LVRTE 7.1 installer directly from NI and running it by itself:


If it still gives an error, a few things to try, particularly on newer versions of Windows:

    - Right-click the installer exe and run as administrator.
    - Right-click the installer exe and try "Troubleshoot compatibility".
    - Right-click the installer exe and go to Properties => Compatibility, check the "Compatibility mode" box and try selecting different versions.  Click "OK" and then try running the installer exe file again.

If you still have problems let us know.  I did not read through them but see that an Internet search of "error 1327 invalid drive" produces results that look interesting.