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LJM Installation Instructions

Support - LJM Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

System requirements are located on the system requirements page.


Run the LabJack Windows Installer. This installs LJM and all dependencies. If you run into installation issues, see the Windows Installer Troubleshooting (App Note).


  1. Run LabJackM.pkg
  2. Follow the installer instructions


  1. Choose the LJM download that matches the architecture of your Linux machine. We compile for i386/i686 (32-bit), x86_64 (64-bit), and ARM. The command uname -p will display what processor you have.
  2. Un-tar and cd into the LJM package (your LJM package name will be different):

      $ tar -xzf LabJackM-<LJM version>-Ubuntu-Linux-<architecture>.tar_.gz
      $ cd LabJackM-<LJM version>-Ubuntu-Linux-<architecture>
  3. Run LabJackM.run:
      $ sudo ./LabJackM.run

If you need LJM compiled on a different distribution or architecture, or if the install process does not work, please let us know by contacting us. Let us know the output of uname -a and whatever other information you think might be relevant.