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C/C++, Dev-C for UD - Windows

Basic example for Dev-C++ (with Mingw port of GCC, bloodshed.net) and the LabJackUD driver. The Windows UD library is the high-level Windows library/driver for the LabJack U3, U6 and UE9. For other LabJack devices, go to the Software page.

Demonstrates run-time dynamic linking where the UD library is loaded during application run-time instead of load-time. This type of linking is supported in many Windows C compilers including Borland, and is an alternative to using static linking (load-time dynamic linking) with the LabJackUD.lib file as demonstrated in the Visual C/C++ examples.


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The dynamic linking uses labjackud.dll (see code above) but labjackud.dll is
no part of DevC_LJUD.zip and LabJackUDSetupV315.exe .

I use a Borland C Compiler under Windows 7 (LabJackUDSetupV315.exe works fine)
but where can i found labjackud.dll Version 3.15 for dynamic linking ?

//Start of LoadLabJackUD function.
//This is the function used to dynamically load the DLL.
void LoadLabJackUD (void)
    //Now try and load the DLL.
    if (hDLLInstance = LoadLibrary("labjackud.dll"))
        //If successfully loaded, get the address of the functions.
        m_pListAll = (tListAll)::GetProcAddress(hDLLInstance,"ListAll");




The LabJackUD.dll for version 3.15 should be automatically placed in C:\windows\system32 after runing the LabJackUDSetupV315.exe installer.  That should work for dynamic linking.

We are using labjack dll file with c#.Labjack u3 can not pick up negative value ,but DAQ Factory can. If possible , could you add c# sample source code.

Low-voltage or high-voltage channel?  A single-ended low-voltage channel typically does not go negative.  See Section 2.6 for more information.  Try making a call to eAIN and see if it acts as expected.