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DASYLab for UD - Windows


DASYLab for UD - Windows Overview

We currently offer two options for communicating with DASYLab. If you are can use version 11 or higher, we strongly suggest that you use Modbus to communicate with your device.

The other option is LabJackDASY, which is very rough.  This alpha-release was done with the old style Dasylab DDK, whereas the new way is using the extension toolkit which requires Dasylab 9+.




Is the Labjack Dasylab driver restricted to a specific version of Dasylab, or will it work with all versions of Dasylab?

It should work with all the latest versions of DASYLab (5-11) but some of the newer versions might have a couple issues that the older versions don't have.  Those should eventually all be fixed.

I can get both the U6 and the U9 to work in Dasylab with limited functions using the U6.dll and UE9.dll from you POC download, but cannot get the LabJackDasy.dll driver to work.  When I select the driver and restart Dasylab it defaults to the "no driver has been selected" mode.  Any ideas?

I got the same problem. I changed the driver to the Labjack-driver and then I restarted the programm. But when I start DasyLab I got the message that the LabJackDasy.dll could not be loaded. Could anyone help me please? 

Did you find any solution regarding this problem? The same happens to me using DasyLab 9.0

No, but when we saw that problem we were able to use the POC driver, so you might try that.  There is some more info on the LabJackDASY sub-page.

We have pretty much given up on those old style drivers using the DDK, and are now set up to do the next release using the extension toolkit.  We don't have a solid timeframe on how long that will take, however.

Hello! We are looking into this issue and will write back shortly. If you are experiencing problems, please use the POC release until then.


LabJack Support

Hello. My problem is that I u6.dll is limiting the sampling frequency of 100 Hz, leaving no increase this frequency, if you select a minor. LabVIEW like something happens to me ...


We have a new beta version for DASYLab up on the download page for it.  It's built with the newer DDK and should work better for newer versions.


I'm using Dasylab11 to communicate with U6 DAQ (connected to my PC by USB) through TCP/IP with IP address (, in a Wi-Fi network connection. However, if I disconnect the network connection, U6 stops acquiring data. How can I prevent this to happen? Can I still communicate with the U6 device through TCP/IP without any network connection?


Miguel Neto


I'm using Dasylab 11 to control the Labjack U6-Pro but I cannot manage to set the AINs into Differential mode (only Single Ended) using Modbus commands. Does anyone knows how to do?


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LabJack has greatly expanded our support for DASYLab. Since you previously asked about DASYLab I wanted to bring it to your attention in case you missed our recent email newsletter or support updates.