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VEE for U12 - Windows

LabJack U12 drivers for Agilent VEE. As opposed to actual drivers, this download consists of instructions and examples concerning how to call our existing drivers from VEE. Refer to the README.txt file for further information, and notify us of any comments or problems. 10/16/2003, 29 KB.

Also, one of our German distributors has some more advanced VEE support available. Check out the downloads page at Meilhaus.

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I am using UE9 Labjack and interface with VEE agilent .

I am  using I/O FOI0 and FO01 through VEE library from Labjack .Using funciton  "OpenLabJackS" .

When access I/o and set for High state , i have nearly 20 minutes after this I.O is reset. I lost the state of the I.O without any function to "OpenLabJackS".

Its seems that the TCPIP connection is not stays  open for while .

Labjack team could help us to fix this issue ?

I am using UE9 wtih DHCP enabled connection .

Do i need to set I.O periodically to be able to stay connected with Labjack or what is the solution for this ?

This is the VEE page for the U12 library.  The UE9 uses the UD libary so the correct page is the VEE for UD page.

In any case, your issue sounds better suited for forum topic, rather than a page comment, so please start a topic on our forum.