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Java for U12 - Windows

Teravation has created a Java interface for the LabJack U12. Compatible with 32-bit Java only and the source code is included. 3/31/2004, 219 KB
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It would be great if those binaries were available for 64-bit systems.

Is there a workaround via LJM for 64bit U12-operation? LJM doesn't seem to support the U12 though.

If I have to, I'll do the JNA-wrapper myself, but one reason we bought the U12 in the first place was because of the supposed Java-API. Since we need to be working on a 64 bit system now we can't use it anymore.

At this time there are no plans from us to make a 32/64-bit U12 Java wrapper. The current U12 Java support (on this page) is third party from Teravation, and they no longer update it. It was last updated in 2004. Source code is provided, so you can try to build the JNI dll for 64-bit which I believe is the only part of this Java interface that needs to be built for 64-bit Java.

As for LJM, that library only supports the LabJack T7, Digit and future devices. There is no workaround for the U12.

Regarding 64-bit systems, you can run this wrapper on a 64-bit operating system with 32-bit Java. It just doesn't run with 64-bit Java due to the 32-bit JNI dll.

Thank you for your reply.

I'm working on my own wrapper for 64-bit ljackuw.dll via JNA which seems to work so far (not very far yet though). Migrating the project to a 32-bit JVM would be my very last resort since I just went through some length to migrate everything to a 64-bit JRE 8.

Actual support would be great. But I guess there's not much demand for U12 usage with 64-bit java.

Let's just hope I get this wrapper to work...