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Dev-C++ for U12 - Windows

Demonstrates dynamic linking to call U12 functions from Dev-C++. 8/30/2002, 7.5 KB

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You need to include "#include<iostream>" and "using namespace std;" It then compiles and reports that it cannot find a dll file.

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Thanks for pointing out the C++ corrections.

Line 65 of "lj sample/main.cpp" reads:


if (hDLLInstance = LoadLibrary("ljackuw.dll"))


so you'll need ljackuw.dll (also known as the UW driver). It comes with U12 Setup. Do you have that installed?

Now that the Dev-C++ project is inactive and the website is down, we will find a suitable replacement that also uses GCC and update the files in the archives.

Just to keep things up to date, it looks like Dev-C++'s website is back at the same address along with a link to a SourceForge project page. The above documentation has been changed to reflect this change.

Hello, do you have any example to use the function EDigitalOut?

I'm trying to use it with some LEDs conected from D12 to D15.

Thank you.

I don't know of any other Dev-C U12 examples.  I suggest you try to add EDigitalOut to the example here, and if you have trouble start a forum topic and post a code snippet showing the code that is causing problems.