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Direct Modbus TCP examples written in C# .NET for the LabJack T7, T4, and UE9. The C# Modbus TCP class used in the examples is written and provided by LabJack.

If using a third party Modbus TCP class/interface, use our examples as a general demonstration of Modbus TCP usage. The example Write calls use Modbus function 16, Preset Multiple Registers, and the Read calls use Modbus function 3, Read Multiple Registers.

Refer to the README.TXT in the download/attachment below for more details.

Updated 05/24/2019.


Chang Sau Leng's picture


Is the are chance to control the labjack U3 if I develop in C# net core/or net 5.0 in a Linux O/S machine ?


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On Linux, the U3 communicates using our low level Exodriver library and it may be possible to make calls to it in C#, but we do not have any direct support or examples for this:


See the U3 software options here: