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Gyroscope (L3GD20H)

This script records gyroscope data from the L3GD20H Gyro, available here:

The data obtained from the gyroscope is published to USER_RAM registers, which can be accessed by any other programs connected to the T-Series device. This allows a program to be doing one task while the device simultaneously obtains the gyroscope data.

The datasheet is extremely useful for determining the setting on the device, such as low-power mode and range (±245/±500/±2000 dps)

The other functionalities of this device, like configurable interrupts, sleep mode, and the built-in temperature sensor can be configured just as the range is configured, although these specialized functions are outside the scope of this example.

Below is the gyro as a part of the Adafruit 10 DOF board.



The Gyro is connected to EIO4 and EI5 with pullup resistors. Here, it is using the LJTick-LVDigitalIO to supply the 3.3V necessary.