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Compass (LSM303)

This script configures the magnetometer inside the LSM303, which behaves as a separate device from the accelerometer that is part of the same unit. The magnetometer can measure acceleration up to ±8.1 gauss in each axis. The main purpose of this unit is for a tilt-compensated compass, although it can be used for a variety of functions, such as free fall detection or tap detection. The LSM303 on a breakout board is available here:

The data obtained from the magnetometer is published to USER_RAM registers, which can be accessed by any other programs connected to the T-Series device. This allows a program to be doing one task while the LabJack device simultaneously obtains the magnetometer data.

The datasheet is extremely useful for determining the setting on the device, such as low-power mode and range (±1.3, ±1.9, ±2.5, ±4.0, ±4.7, ±5.6, or ±8.1 gauss)