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Device Information

This is a Lua Script that illustrates how to read and format general device information such as the following:

General Device Information Registers
Name Start Address Type Access

SERIAL_NUMBER             The serial number of the device.

60028 UINT32 R

PRODUCT_ID             The numeric identifier of the device. Such as 7 for a T7 / T7-Pro.

60000 FLOAT32 R

HARDWARE_INSTALLED             Bitmask indicating installed hardware options.<br>bit0: High Resolution ADC,<br>bit1: WiFi,<br>bit2: RTC,<br>bit3: microSD.

60010 UINT32 R

DEVICE_NAME_DEFAULT             Reads return the current device name. Writes update the default and current device name. A reboot is necessary to update the name reported by NBNS. Up to 49 characters, cannot contain periods.

60500 STRING R/W

ETHERNET_IP             Read the current IP address of wired Ethernet.

49100 UINT32 R

ETHERNET_MAC             The MAC address of the wired Ethernet module.

60020 UINT64 R

HARDWARE_VERSION             The hardware version of the device.

60002 FLOAT32 R

FIRMWARE_VERSION             The current firmware version installed on the main processor.

60004 FLOAT32 R