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Configure AIN


Mo Asgari's picture

Hi Team

I have Lab Jack 4 and going to use it for monitoring low volatage input using FIO inputs. Would you please let me know where can I find a simlar Lua script example for "Low Voltage Analog Input Configuration" using FIO terminals.

My problem is that in the Kipling environment and in the dashboard tab, I tried to change the statuse of FIO7 to analoge, but when I go to other tabs, it is switched to Digital input again.

I just want to read and print the analoge input voltage value connected to FIO7.




labjack support's picture

Reading the appropriate analog input channel (AIN7 in your case) will automatically configure the port as an analog input. Similarly, reading the appropriate digital port (FIO7 in your case) will configure the port as a digital input. It sounds like you were reading FIO7 somewhere, which would configure the line as a digital input.

In Lua you would do a call such as MB.readName("AIN7") to read the port as an analog input. See this section on flexible IO: