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LabWindows/CVI for LJM - Windows

LJM LabWindows/CVI Examples Top (Referencable)

Basic project and example for LabWindows/CVI and the LJM library. C/C++ code derived from the LJM C/C++ examples. Please download those for additional example code.



LJM Examples Where Is An Example To Do XYZ Minimal (Referencable)

Communication Basics

With the LJM library, pretty much everything you might want to do with a device is accomplished by writing and/or reading some registers.  Look at the device's datasheet (T7 or T4) or the Modbus Map to determine what registers you need to write and read, then use eWriteName (or eWriteNames) to write the desired registers and eReadName (or eReadNames) to read the desired registers.

LJM LabWindows/CVI Examples Bottom (Referencable)

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diegopoma's picture

Hi everyone,

I'n a new user and I try to program my T7 pro using Labview. I have a project in a labview and I want to know if I can importi t in my T7 pro. All information tat I find in this page is regarding a c/c++ programming but my project is like all Labbview Project with figure and workflow, for that reason if you know a way to convert this visual programming to a T7 pro program will be so usefull.

Thanks for you support.

Diego P.

labjack support's picture

Our LabVIEW examples for the T7 are here:

The examples on this page are for LabWindows/CVI, which is a C programming environment provided by NI. These examples are not for LabVIEW.