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LJM (T7, T4, Digit)

LJM (T7, T4, Digit) Overview

LabJack makes wrappers and libraries for LJM available for many languages. LJM supports the T7, T4, and Digit. For other LabJack devices, go to the Software page.

If you need to use the LJM library but you're not using C or C++, use any of these LJM wrappers to call LJM from your preferred language. 

Use the examples to incorporate LJM function calls into your project.

For a quick explanation of how LJM works and what the example code looks like go to the LJM Library support page.

LJM Example Code Table

LJM Example Code Table HTML (Referencable)

Example Code/Wrappers: LJM Library

T7 T4 Digit

T7, T4, Digit

Examples In... Windows Mac Linux
.NET (C#, VB)
Visual Basic (VB6, VBA)
Agilent VEE

There are also direct Modbus TCP examples. Note that some features, such as streaming, are greatly simplified by the LJM library. A list of the available Modbus registers is available on the Modbus Map page.

Example code specifically tailored to the Digit-TL/Digit-TLH can be found in the appendix-b section of the Digit's datasheet.


Are there plans to release a .NET wrapper for the LJM library?

Is there a Matlab example that shows how to stream digitial inputs?  I keep getting the following error: STREAM_CHN_LIST_INVALID.

No, the stream example just demonstrates analog inputs though changing it to use digital inputs is easy. Just change the scan list's names/addresses for the digital lines you want. For example, to stream all FIO states make this your scan list:

    numAddresses = 1;
    aScanListNames(1) = 'FIO_STATE';

A list of streamable register names/addresses can be found in the Stream Mode section of the T7 datasheet.