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LJSelfUpgrade - Windows Only

The application LJSelfUpgrade is included with the Windows installation package.

The processor in the UD series devices have field upgradeable flash memory. The self-upgrade application shown in Figure 1-5 programs the latest firmware onto the processor.

The figure below demonstrates the self-upgrade process for the U6. There can only be one target LabJack device connected to the PC when running LJSelfUpgrade.

Click on “Get Version Numbers” to find out the current firmware versions on the device. Then use the provided Firmware Upgrade File internet link to go to labjack.com, go to your device's (U3, U6, or UE9) Firmware subsection, and check for more recent firmware. Download firmware files to any location on your computer.

Click the Browse button and select the upgrade file to program. Click the Program button to begin the self-upgrade process.


Figure 1-5. Self-Upgrade Application



So, really the only way to upgrade firmware is to find a windows machine?


The python upgrader is another option. The links are on the main firmware page: http://labjack.com/support/firmware

Is LJSelfUpgrade known to work/not work in Windows 7 under VMWare on OS X?  It seems unable to detect the USB device, even though VMWare says the U3 is connected to the Windows VM.

LJSelfUpgrade has not been tested for Windows 7 on OSX VMWare, and I haven't heard of any problems about it until now. Does LJControlPanel or LJLogUD find your U3?

Also, check device manager on your Windows guest and see if your U3 shows up in the device list and is working properly.