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Logging Timers/Counters [U3/U6/UE9]

Reading a Timer/Counter in LJLogUD

  1. Set up your timers and counters.

    See our Configuring Timers/Counters Tutorial.
  2. Close All Other LabJack Software.

    Only one process can talk to the device at once, so be sure to close LJControlPanel or any other software that could be talking to the device before opening LJLogUD.
  3. Open LJLogUD.
  4. Change "+Ch".

    Set the "+Ch" entry of one of your unused logger channels to the appropriate special timer/counter channel number.

  5. [Optional] Add a channel to read the upper 16 bits of the timer/counter

    Our UD loggers can only read 16-bit digital IO registers. To log the upper 16-bits of a timer/counter add a second channel in the logger set to channel 224.

  6. [Optional] Add a scaling equation to recreate the 32-bit timer/counter value

    Use the following scaling equation to recreate the full 32-bit timer/counter value for logging:

    y = Timer_Counter_Channel + 65536*TC_Capture_Channel

  7. Log To File

    Select the "Log To File" button to begin logging.