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General Configuration

After selecting devices, two tabs named "Global Configuration" and "Power-Up Defaults" are available. These tabs are for managing device configurations and device power-up settings.

Key Features
  • Save power-up configurations to a file
  • Load power-up configurations from a file
  • Reset power-up defaults to factory settings


Global Configuration

LabJack USB/Ethernet/WiFi DAQ Device Control Program Global Configuration

Power-Up Defaults

This tab in Kipling lets you:

  • Save the current device settings to be the device's power-up defaults.
  • Restore the device's power-up defaults back to factory settings.
  • Load saved power-up configurations from a file and onto a device.
  • Save the device's current power-up defaults to a .json file so that settings can be duplicated from one device to another. Note: This option saves the currently configured power-up defaults to a file, not the current device configuration. To save the device's current configuration to a file, save the current device settings as power-up defaults first, then go to the "Save Defaults to File" section and save them to a file.

LabJack USB/Ethernet/WiFi DAQ Device Control Program Power up defaults

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