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Device Updater

After selecting devices, a tab named "Device Updater" is available that can be used to upgrade the firmware on T-series devices.

Key Features
  • Downloads and upgrades the device to the latest firmware version
  • Upgrade multiple devices at the same time over any connection type—USB, Ethernet, or WiFi


LabJack USB/Ethernet/WiFi DAQ Device Control Program Device Updater

Supported Devices


Known Issues:
  1. File paths with " _ " anywhere but the firmware image file name can cause local file firmware updates to fail.  To work around this issue, move the firmware image under a path without " _ " anywhere.



Just FYI, with the current Version of Kipling (V3.0.2), firmware update seems to work only in the online mode.

In local file mode, Kipling cannot update my T7 and reports errors ("Failed to update...", "Incorrect Version"). Tested with firmware files "T7firmware_010126_2014-09-16.bin" and "T7firmware_010134_2014-11-14.bin".




Thanks for the heads up.  We accidentally broke some of the file IO stuff (probably re-named a <div> somewhere) that broke other parts of Kipling but we haven't had time to fix it yet.  This comment makes the bug we were experiencing a lot more clear.  Hoping to solve this issue by the week after thanks giving.  For now, I can post firmware versions so that they can be downloaded through Kipling's online interface if you need something.  It gives you options to install the firmwares available on the pages:

Respond here or to [email protected] if you need access to a specific fw version to be posted.

No worries, I am currently fine. The firmware I am using is online anyway.

But thank you very much for your offer to upload older versions and for your kind reply!

Looking forward to the next release of Kipling.

Greetings from Germany,


A new version of Kipling has been posted that shouldn't have errors upgrading the firmware on your T7 with a downloaded .bin file.