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After selecting devices, a tab named "Device Information" is available that reads a variety of information from any connected devices. A lot of important device information is displayed on this tab. Serial Number, IP & MAC addresses, current firmware version, etc. This tab also serves as a device getting-started resource that compliments the online quickstart tutorials. On this tab there are several links that open up in your computer's default web browser to help users find pertinent device information quickly on our website. A quick list of the basic information that gets displayed:

  • Serial Number
  • Model Name
  • Device Name
  • Ethernet and WiFi (when applicable) Mac Address
  • Ethernet and WiFi (when applicable) IP Address
  • Current firmware versions
  • Device temperature
  • Installed hardware
  • System power statuses

A short list of the quick-links that get displayed for the connected device are:

  • Quick link to the selected device's product page
  • Quick link to the selected device's data sheet
  • Quick link to the selected device's support homepage
  • Ability to change the device's name by pressing the blue pencil button next to the device's name
  • Quick link to the selected device's example code in a variety of languages
  • Other programming resources and applications
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