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Additional Utility Applications [T-Series]

Additional apps that are not included in the LJM installer.


T7uSD-test-customers:  A test program that can be used for verifying that the microSD card installed in a T7-Pro, or a microSD card installed in a T7 by a customer, is working properly.  The test program runs a Lua script that creates a test log file, checks the contents of the file, and then deletes it. See file attachment below.


AINEFConfigTool:  As an alternative to the AIN tab or Register Matrix tab in Kipling, this application reads and writes all AIN-EF configuration registers and also reads all AIN-EF result registers. See file attachment below.


Command line tools:

  • LJM Python - Functional Python wrapper for LJM. Usable through a Python shell (interactively) or through Python scripts.  For an example of how to use Python as a console (similar to Hyperterminal) see TCP Open Testing in Python
  • LJMRun - Lightweight command line utility which is useful for simple reading/writing of single registers.