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Software & Driver - MBFBComm

Sends a Feedback command and receives a Feedback response, parsing the response for obvious errors. The Feedback command may be generated using LJM_AddressesToMBFB and the Feedback response may be parsed with the LJM_UpdateValues function.


                      int Handle, 
                      unsigned char UnitID,
                      unsigned char * aMBFB,
                      int * ErrorAddress)


Handle [in]
A device handle. The handle is a connection ID for an active device. Generate a handle with LJM_Open or LJM_OpenS.

UnitID [in]
The ID of the specific unit that the Feedback command should be sent to. Use LJM_DEFAULT_UNIT_ID (1) unless the device documentation instructs otherwise.

aMBFB [in/out]
As an input parameter, it is a valid Feedback command, which may be generated using LJM_AddressesToMBFB.
As an output parameter, it is a Feedback response, which may be an error response.

ErrorAddress [out]
If error, the address responsible for causing an error.


LJM errorcodes or 0 for no error.


LJM_MBFBComm provides device synchronization within LJM.


Please see the Low-level Feedback Functions overview page for an example.