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2.2.7 - eWriteAddressString

Writes a string, specified by address.


LJM_ERROR_RETURN LJM_eWriteAddressString(
                      int Handle, 
                      int Address, 
                      const char * String) 


Handle [in]
A device handle. The handle is a connection ID for an active device. Generate a handle with LJM_Open or LJM_OpenS.
Address [in]
The address that specifies the Modbus string-type register to write.  Addresses can be found throughout the device datasheet or in the Modbus Map.
String [in]
The string to write. Must null-terminate at size LJM_STRING_ALLOCATION_SIZE (50) or less.  


LJM errorcodes or 0 for no error.


See also LJM_eReadAddressString. This is a convenience function that uses LJM_eAddresses. Only for use with Modbus registers listed as type LJM_STRING (98). More code examples coming soon.


[C/C++] Change the device name.

int LJMError;
char newName[LJM_STRING_ALLOCATION_SIZE] = "My Favorite DAQ Device";

// handle comes from LJM_Open()
LJMError = LJM_eWriteAddressString(handle, 60500, newName);
if (LJMError != LJME_NOERROR) {
    // Deal with error