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2.4.3 - eStreamStop

Stops LJM from storing any more data from the device. LJM will maintain any previously collected data in the buffer to be read. Stops the device from collecting data in stream mode.


LJM_ERROR_RETURN LJM_eStreamStop(int Handle) 


Handle [in]
A device handle. The handle is a connection ID for an active device. Generate a handle with LJM_Open or LJM_OpenS.


LJM errorcodes or 0 for no error.

Having trouble with stream? See our troubleshooting guide.


This function writes to the following registers:


Use LJM_eStreamStop when the data streaming session is completed, or to temporarily pause new data from being stored. To begin streaming again, use LJM_eStreamStart.


See the LJM_eStreamStart page for an example using LJM_eStreamStop.