2.5 - Device Information Functions | LabJack
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2.5 - Device Information Functions


LJM_GetHandleInfo returns details about a device handle.

Device Discovery

The ListAll functions search for available LabJack device connections. LJM_ListAll and LJM_ListAllS are the same function, except that LJM_ListAll uses integer parameters to filter what connections are searched for, while LJM_ListAllS uses string parameters to do the same. LJM_ListAllExtended allows arbitrary device registers to be queried.

Device Reconnection

In a real-world setup, device connections can intermittently fail. LJM does its best to reconnect to devices and LJM_RegisterDeviceReconnectCallback can notify client code when reconnect has occurred.


Note this list omits the useful function "LJM_ListAllExtended".  Documentation is provided in LabJackM.h and a usage example in the C example utilities/list_all_extended.c

LJM_ListAllExtended has been added here.