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2.10.2 - LoadConfigurationFile

Load all the configuration values in a specified file.

For the full list of possible parameters, see Configuration Parameters. Alternately, see the ljm_startup_configs.json file that was installed along with LJM. LJM_LoadConfigurationFile parses files according to the semantics of ljm_startup_configs.json. ljm_startup_configs.json can be found in the default constants file location (see Constants file parameters).


LJM_ERROR_RETURN LJM_LoadConfigurationFile(
                      const char * FileName)


FileName [in]
A relative or absolute file location. Must null-terminate. "default" maps to the default configuration file ljm_startup_config.json in the constants file location (see Constants file parameters).


LJM errorcodes or 0 for no error.

LJME_CONFIG_FILE_NOT_FOUND (1289): FileName did not give the location to a readable file.

LJME_CONFIG_PARSING_ERROR (1290): The file at location FileName did not contain a valid configuration file.


To write a numerical configuration parameter, see LJM_WriteLibraryConfigS.

To write a string-based configuration parameter, see LJM_WriteLibraryConfigStringS.


[C/C++] Load the configuration file "ljm_verbose_debug_log_configs.json"

int LJMError = LJM_LoadConfigurationFile("ljm_verbose_debug_log_configs.json");