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4 - Error Codes

Error Codes Overview

LJM indicates status via error codes. Errors are categorized according by range:


  • Constant: LJME_NOERROR
  • Description: The function executed without error.
  • Range: 0


  • Prefix: LJME_
  • Description: Some or all outputs might be valid.
  • Range: 200-399

Modbus Errors:

  • Prefix: LJME_MBE
  • Description: Errors corresponding to official Modbus errors which are returned from the device.
  • Note: To find the original Modbus error in base 10, subtract 1200.
  • Ranges: 1200-1216

Library Errors:

  • Prefix: LJME_
  • Description: Errors where all outputs are null, invalid, 0, or 9999.
  • Range: 1220-1399

Device Errors:

  • Description: Errors returned from the firmware on the device.
  • Range: 2000-2999

User Area:

  • Description: Errors defined by users. This is a suggested range for defining application-specific errors.
  • Range: 3900-3999

Error codes from the ljm_constants.json file. For more information about error codes look at the installed error codes page.

Automatic Error Name Lookup

Error codes can easily be interpreted into near-English error strings using the LJM_ErrorToString function.


Error List

Error Code Error Name Description
200 LJME_WARNINGS_BEGIN This indicates where the warning codes start is not a real warning code.
399 LJME_WARNINGS_END This indicates where the warning codes end is not a real warning code.
201 LJME_FRAMES_OMITTED_DUE_TO_PACKET_SIZE Some read/write operation(s) were not sent to the device because the Feedback command being created was too large for the device, given the current connection type.
202 LJME_DEBUG_LOG_FAILURE The debug log file could not be written to. Check the LJM_DEBUG_LOG_FILE and related LJM configurations.
203 LJME_USING_DEFAULT_CALIBRATION The device's calibration could not be read, so the nominal calibration values were used. Possible Cause: Incompatible microSD card installed. See SD Card section of T7 Datasheet.
204 LJME_DEBUG_LOG_FILE_NOT_OPEN The message could not be logged because the debug log file has not been opened.
1200 LJME_MODBUS_ERRORS_BEGIN This indicates where the Modbus error codes start is not a real Modbus error code.
1216 LJME_MODBUS_ERRORS_END This indicates where the Modbus error codes end is not a real Modbus error code.
1201 LJME_MBE1_ILLEGAL_FUNCTION The device received an invalid function code.
1202 LJME_MBE2_ILLEGAL_DATA_ADDRESS The device received an invalid address.
1203 LJME_MBE3_ILLEGAL_DATA_VALUE The device received a value that could not be written to the specified address.
1204 LJME_MBE4_SLAVE_DEVICE_FAILURE The device encountered an error.
1205 LJME_MBE5_ACKNOWLEDGE The device acknowledges the request, but will take some time to process.
1206 LJME_MBE6_SLAVE_DEVICE_BUSY The device is busy and cannot respond currently.
1208 LJME_MBE8_MEMORY_PARITY_ERROR The device detected a memory parity error.
1210 LJME_MBE10_GATEWAY_PATH_UNAVAILABLE The requested route was not available.
1211 LJME_MBE11_GATEWAY_TARGET_NO_RESPONSE The requested route was available but the device failed to respond.
1220 LJME_LIBRARY_ERRORS_BEGIN This indicates where the LJM error codes start is not a real LJM error code.
1399 LJME_LIBRARY_ERRORS_END This indicates where the LJM error codes end is not a real LJM error code.
1221 LJME_UNKNOWN_ERROR LJM reached an unexpected state. Please contact LabJack support if you've received this error.
1222 LJME_INVALID_DEVICE_TYPE LJM received an unexpected device type.
1223 LJME_INVALID_HANDLE LJM reached an invalid state.
1224 LJME_DEVICE_NOT_OPEN The requested handle did not refer to an open device. Perhaps the Open call failed but you still tried to use the returned handle. Perhaps your code called Close somewhere and then after tried to use the handle.
1225 LJME_STREAM_NOT_INITIALIZED The requested device does not have a stream initialized in LJM.
1226 LJME_DEVICE_DISCONNECTED The device could not be contacted and LJM is not configured to heal device connections (see LJM config LJM_HEAL_CONNECTION_MODE).
1227 LJME_DEVICE_NOT_FOUND A device matching the requested device parameters could not be found and therefore could not be opened.
1228 LJME_APERIODIC_STREAM_OUT_NOT_INITIALIZED There was an attempt to modify an aperiodic stream-out prior to its initialization.
1229 LJME_DEVICE_ALREADY_OPEN The device being registered was already registered. Please contact LabJack support if you've received this error.
1230 LJME_DEVICE_CURRENTLY_CLAIMED_BY_ANOTHER_PROCESS At least one matching device was found, but cannot be claimed by this process because a different process has already claimed it. Either close the device handle in your other process (i.e. program or application) or close the other process. Then try opening the device again.
1231 LJME_CANNOT_CONNECT At least one device matching the requested device parameters was found, but a connection could not be established.
1232 LJME_STREAM_OUT_INDEX_OUT_OF_RANGE An invalid index value was passed to a stream-out function.
1233 LJME_SOCKET_LEVEL_ERROR A TCP socket-level error occurred.
1234 LJME_SCAN_RATE_INCONSISTENT The scan rate passed to a stream out function did not match the stream scan rate
1236 LJME_CANNOT_OPEN_DEVICE The device could not be opened.
1237 LJME_CANNOT_DISCONNECT An error occurred while attempting to disconnect.
1238 LJME_WINSOCK_FAILURE A Windows WINSOCK error occurred.
1239 LJME_RECONNECT_FAILED The device could not be contacted. LJM is configured to heal device connections and the reconnection attempt failed.
1240 LJME_CONNECTION_HAS_YIELDED_RECONNECT_FAILED The device connection was yielded to another process and now cannot be contacted.
1241 LJME_USB_FAILURE System USB communication failed fatally.
1243 LJME_U3_NOT_SUPPORTED_BY_LJM LJM does not support UD-series LabJack devices; use the UD driver (https://labjack.com/support/ud)
1246 LJME_U6_NOT_SUPPORTED_BY_LJM LJM does not support UD-series LabJack devices; use the UD driver (https://labjack.com/support/ud)
1249 LJME_UE9_NOT_SUPPORTED_BY_LJM LJM does not support UD-series LabJack devices; use the UD driver (https://labjack.com/support/ud)
1250 LJME_INVALID_ADDRESS The requested address was not found.
1251 LJME_INVALID_CONNECTION_TYPE LJM received an unexpected connection type.
1252 LJME_INVALID_DIRECTION LJM received an unexpected read/write direction.
1253 LJME_INVALID_FUNCTION LJM received an unexpected Modbus function.
1254 LJME_INVALID_NUM_REGISTERS LJM received an unexpected number of registers.
1255 LJME_INVALID_PARAMETER LJM received an unexpected parameter. Please check the LabJackM.h description of the function that returned this error for an explanation.
1256 LJME_INVALID_PROTOCOL_ID LJM received an unexpected Modbus protocol ID.
1257 LJME_INVALID_TRANSACTION_ID LJM received an unexpected Modbus transaction ID.
1258 LJME_NUM_WRITES_LARGER_THAN_AVAILABLE_SPACE LJM received more values to stream out than are available in the LJM write queue.
1259 LJME_UNKNOWN_VALUE_TYPE LJM received an unexpected data type.
1260 LJME_MEMORY_ALLOCATION_FAILURE LJM was unable to allocate needed memory.
1261 LJME_NO_COMMAND_BYTES_SENT No Modbus command bytes could be sent to the device.
1262 LJME_INCORRECT_NUM_COMMAND_BYTES_SENT An incorrect number of Modbus command bytes were sent to the device, as reported by the underlying driver.
1263 LJME_NO_RESPONSE_BYTES_RECEIVED No Modbus response bytes could be received from the device during the timeout period. See https://labjack.com/support/software/api/ljm/constants/timeout-configs
1264 LJME_INCORRECT_NUM_RESPONSE_BYTES_RECEIVED An incorrect/unexpected number of Modbus response bytes were received from the device during the timeout period. See https://labjack.com/support/software/api/ljm/constants/timeout-configs
1265 LJME_MIXED_FORMAT_IP_ADDRESS LJM received an IP identifier that seemed to be formatted in both hexadecimal and decimal.
1266 LJME_UNKNOWN_IDENTIFIER LJM received an unknown identifier type.
1267 LJME_NOT_IMPLEMENTED An unimplemented functionality was attempted. Please contact LabJack support if you've received this error so we can implement it for you!
1268 LJME_INVALID_INDEX LJM received an index/offset that was out-of-bounds. Please contact LabJack support if you've received this error.
1269 LJME_INVALID_LENGTH LJM received a length that did not make sense. Please contact LabJack support if you've received this error.
1270 LJME_ERROR_BIT_SET A Modbus response had the error bit set. Please contact LabJack support if you've received this error.
1271 LJME_INVALID_MAXBYTESPERMBFB LJM_AddressesToMBFB received a value of MaxBytesPerMBFB that was too small.
1272 LJME_NULL_POINTER LJM received a null pointer for a pointer parameter that is required to not be null.
1273 LJME_NULL_OBJ LJM found a null object. Please contact LabJack support if you've received this error.
1274 LJME_RESERVED_NAME The requested name was invalid/reserved.
1275 LJME_UNPARSABLE_DEVICE_TYPE LJM received a device type string that was unparsable or unexpected.
1276 LJME_UNPARSABLE_CONNECTION_TYPE LJM received a connection type string that was unparsable or unexpected.
1277 LJME_UNPARSABLE_IDENTIFIER LJM received a identifier string that was unparsable or unexpected.
1278 LJME_PACKET_SIZE_TOO_LARGE The Modbus packet to be sent or the expected Modbus packet to be received exceeded the maximum packet size for the device connection.
1279 LJME_TRANSACTION_ID_ERR LJM received a mismatched Modbus transaction ID from the device.
1280 LJME_PROTOCOL_ID_ERR LJM received a mismatched Modbus protocol ID from the device.
1281 LJME_LENGTH_ERR LJM received a mismatched Modbus packet length from the device.
1282 LJME_UNIT_ID_ERR LJM received a mismatched Modbus unit ID from the device.
1283 LJME_FUNCTION_ERR LJM received a mismatched Modbus function ID from the device.
1284 LJME_STARTING_REG_ERR LJM received a mismatched Modbus register address from the device.
1285 LJME_NUM_REGS_ERR LJM received a mismatched Modbus number of registers from the device.
1286 LJME_NUM_BYTES_ERR LJM received a mismatched Modbus number of bytes from the device.
1289 LJME_CONFIG_FILE_NOT_FOUND The LJM configuration file could not be opened for reading.
1290 LJME_CONFIG_PARSING_ERROR An error occurred while parsing the LJM configuration file.
1291 LJME_INVALID_NUM_VALUES LJM received an invalid number of values.
1292 LJME_CONSTANTS_FILE_NOT_FOUND The LJM error constants file and/or Modbus constants file could not be opened for reading.
1293 LJME_INVALID_CONSTANTS_FILE The LJM error constants file and/or Modbus constants file could not be parsed.
1294 LJME_INVALID_NAME The requested name was not found in the register loaded from the constants file (if the constants file is loaded).
1296 LJME_OVERSPECIFIED_PORT The requested connection type is ANY and port is specified.
1297 LJME_INTENT_NOT_READY The internal operation object was not prepared correctly. Please contact LabJack support if you've received this error.
1298 LJME_ATTR_LOAD_COMM_FAILURE A device matching the requested device parameters was found, claimed, and connected, but a communication error prevented device attributes from being loaded to LJM. The device was not opened.
1299 LJME_INVALID_CONFIG_NAME LJM received an unknown configuration name.
1300 LJME_ERROR_RETRIEVAL_FAILURE An error occurred on the device and LJM was unable to retrieve more information about that error. Please contact LabJack support if you've received this error.
1301 LJME_LJM_BUFFER_FULL The LJM stream buffer was filled with stream data and stream was stopped. See https://labjack.com/support/software/api/ljm/streaming-lots-of-9999-values
1302 LJME_COULD_NOT_START_STREAM LJM could not start stream. Input may have incorrect or a different error may have occurred.
1303 LJME_STREAM_NOT_RUNNING LJM is not streaming data from the device.
1304 LJME_UNABLE_TO_STOP_STREAM The stream could not be stopped.
1305 LJME_INVALID_VALUE LJM received a value that was not expected.
1306 LJME_SYNCHRONIZATION_TIMEOUT LJM did not receive data from the device for longer than the timeout specified by LJM_STREAM_RECEIVE_TIMEOUT_MS. Externally clocked stream setup is described here: https://labjack.com/support/software/api/ljm/function-reference/ljmestreamstart#externally-clocked
1307 LJME_OLD_FIRMWARE The current firmware version of the device was not sufficient to read/write a requested register, as according to the loaded LJM constants file.
1308 LJME_CANNOT_READ_OUT_ONLY_STREAM The stream running is out-only and does not produce data values.
1309 LJME_NO_SCANS_RETURNED The LJM configuration LJM_STREAM_SCANS_RETURN is set to LJM_STREAM_SCANS_RETURN_ALL_OR_NONE and the full ScansPerRead scans have not be received.
1310 LJME_TEMPERATURE_OUT_OF_RANGE LJM_TCVoltsToTemp received a temperature that was out of range for the given thermocouple type.
1311 LJME_VOLTAGE_OUT_OF_RANGE LJM_TCVoltsToTemp received a voltage that was out of range for the given thermocouple type.
1312 LJME_FUNCTION_DOES_NOT_SUPPORT_THIS_TYPE The function does not support the given data type. For example, LJM_eReadName and LJM_eReadAddress do not support reading LJM_STRING values, which are too large.
1313 LJME_INVALID_INFO_HANDLE The given info handle did not exist. (It may have been passed to LJM_CleanInfo already.)
1314 LJME_NO_DEVICES_FOUND An Open/OpenS call was called - with any device type, any connection type, and any identifier - but no devices were found.
1316 LJME_AUTO_IPS_FILE_NOT_FOUND The LJM auto IPs file could not be found or read. LJM will attempt to create the auto IPs file, as needed.
1317 LJME_AUTO_IPS_FILE_INVALID The LJM auto IPs file contents were not valid.
1318 LJME_INVALID_INTERVAL_HANDLE The given interval handle did not exist.
1319 LJME_NAMED_MUTEX_PERMISSION_DENIED There was a permission error while accessing a system-level named mutex. Try restarting your computer.
1320 LJME_DIGITAL_AUTO_RECOVERY_ERROR_DETECTED During stream, the device buffer overflowed, causing auto-recovery to occur. See https://labjack.com/digital-auto-recovery-error-detection.
1321 LJME_NEGATIVE_RECEIVE_BUFFER_SIZE During stream, the receive buffer size was negative. This is probably because LJM_STREAM_TCP_RECEIVE_BUFFER_SIZE was set to too large a number to be represented by the signed data type being used, int. Solution: Use a smaller LJM_STREAM_TCP_RECEIVE_BUFFER_SIZE.
2300 MODBUS_RSP_OVERFLOW Response packet greater than max packet size.
2301 MODBUS_CMD_OVERFLOW Command packet greater than max packet size
2313 MODBUS_INVALID_NUM_REGISTERS Register data types does not match the number of registers in the request.
2315 MODBUS_NUM_REGS_MUST_BE_EVEN Register or group of registers requires the access be in an even number of registers.
2316 MODBUS_STRING_MISSING_NULL Strings must be terminated with a null (\0, 0x00).
2317 UDP_DISCOVERY_ONLY_MODE_IS_ENABLED The UDP discovery socket has been set to discovery only. Only a few registers may be read while in this mode.
2331 STARTUP_CONFIG_INVALID_READ An attempt was made to read beyond the configuration structure.
2340 USER_RAM_FIFO_MUST_BE_EMPTY The FIFO can not contain any data when data size is being changed.
2343 USER_RAM_FIFO_INSUFFICIENT_VALUES The FIFO contains fewer values than requested.
2344 USER_RAM_FIFO_INSUFFICIENT_SPACE FIFO does not have enough free space to hold the requested write. No data was added to the FIFO.
2345 USER_RAM_FIFO_SIZE_MUST_BE_EVEN The number of bytes allocated to the FIFO must be even..
2352 INTFLASH_OP_PROHIBITED Attempted to read or write a section that is not allowed.
2353 INTFLASH_SECTION_OVERWRITE Attempted to write or read beyond the currently selected section.
2354 INTFLASH_KEY_INVALID Specified Key and Address mismatch.
2355 FLASH_VERIFICATION_FAILED A write to flash failed to set one or more bits to the desired values.
2356 FLASH_ERASE_FAILED One or more bits failed to set during a flash erase operation.
2358 INTFLASH_UNAVAILABLE Flash can not be accessed due to the WiFi module booting up.
2359 FILEIO_UNAVAILABLE The file system can not be accessed due to the WiFi module booting up.
2370 AIN_RANGE_INVALID Specified range not available on this device.
2371 AIN_SETTLING_INVALID Specified settling is greater than device max.
2372 AIN_SET_TO_BINARY Analog input system currently set to binary. Some operations, such as AIN_EF, will fail.
2373 AIN_NEGATIVE_CHANNEL_INVALID For channel range 0-13: Negative channel must be even channel number + 1. For extended channel range 48-127: Negative channel must be channel number + 8.
2374 AIN_ALL_ZERO_ONLY Only a value of zero may be written to this address.
2375 AIN_RESOLUTION_INVALID Selected resolution is invalid. Valid range is 0-5 for T4 and 0-12 for T7.
2382 LUA_INVALID_NUM_IO_FLOATS Requested more than the max possible number of IO floats.
2383 LUA_IO_FLOATMEM_OVERFLOW Attempt to read/write beyond the currently allocated IO space.
2385 LUA_IS_RUNNING A running script is preventing the requested operation.
2386 LUA_CODE_BUFFER_EMPTY Attempted to run a program that is not present.
2387 LUA_DEBUG_IS_DISABLED Attempted to read from debug buffer while debug is disabled.
2388 LUA_TABLE_SMALLER_THAN_SPECIFIED_SIZE The Lua table provided is too small to process the request.
2389 LUA_IS_CLOSING The Lua VM is being closed, usually takes less than 100 ms.
2400 SYSTEM_MEMORY_BEREFT Insufficient memory to perform the requested action.
2401 SYSTEM_MEMORY_OVERWRITE Attempted to overwrite a buffer.
2402 SYSTEM_REBOOT_CODE_INVALID Invalid code supplied when issuing a reboot.
2405 SYSTEM_NVRAM_UNAVAILABLE NVRAM is not available on this device.
2406 SYSTEM_NVRAM_INVALID_ADDRESS The specified NVRAM location is not available on this device.
2407 SYSTEM_WAIT_TOO_LONG The requested wait time is beyond the max allowed.
2408 SYSTEM_INCOMPATIBLE_FIRMWARE_VERSION The firmware image is not compatible with this device typically due to flash chip incompatibility.
2420 DEVICE_NAME_MUST_BE_ALPHANUM Attempted to write a device name with invalid characters.
2450 POWER_INVALID_SETTING Unknown value specified.
2451 POWER_USB_NEEDS_20MHZ_OR_MORE Core must be running at 20MHz minimum for USB to operate.
2456 POWER_CAN_NOT_CHANGE_USED_CONNECTION Can not change the power level of the connected medium.
2460 POWER_ANALOG_OFF Analog input system is powered down.
2490 WIFI_NOT_ASSOCIATED WiFi needs to be connected to a network before the requested action can be performed.
2501 DIO_SET_TO_ANALOG The digital line addressed is set to analog. Digital operations can not be performed.
2508 HW_CNTRA_NOT_AVAILABLE Counter A is being used by another system.
2509 HW_CNTRB_NOT_AVAILABLE Counter B is being used by another system.
2510 HW_CNTRC_NOT_AVAILABLE Counter C is being used by another system.
2511 HW_CNTRD_NOT_AVAILABLE Counter D is being used by another system.
2551 EF_INVALID_TYPE The selected type is not recognized.
2552 EF_TYPE_NOT_SUPPORTED The selected type is not recognized.
2553 EF_PIN_TYPE_MISMATCH The requested type is not supported on this DIO pin.
2554 EF_CLOCK_SOURCE_NOT_ENABLED Attempted to disable a clock source that is not running.
2555 EF_32BIT_DATA_INTO_16BIT_REG A number greater than 16-bits was written to a clock source configured for 16-bits.
2556 EF_SET_TO_32BIT
2558 EF_32BIT_REQUIRES_BOTH_CLOCK0and1 Both Clock_Source 1 and Clock_Source 2 must be disabled before enabling Clock_Source 0.
2559 EF_PRESCALE_VALUE_INVALID Specified prescale value is not supported. Supported values are 1,2,4,8,16,32,64, and 256
2560 EF_PIN_RESERVED Pin is already used by another system.
2561 EF_INVALID_DIO_NUMBER DIO addresses is not supported on this device.
2563 EF_LINE_MUST_BE_LOW_BEFORE_STARTING The DIO line must be set to output low to ensure proper signal generation.
2565 EF_VALUE_GREATER_THAN_PERIOD The DIO_EF_CONFIG value written determines a DIO line transition point relative to the count of a ClockSource. To prevent signal glitches, the value must be less than the selected ClockSource's roll value.
2566 EF_CAN_NOT_CHANGE_INDEX_WHILE_ENABLED The index of a DIO_EF can not be changed while that DIO_EF is enabled.
2580 AIN_EF_INVALID_TYPE The type index specified is not supported.
2581 AIN_EF_INVALID_NUM_SAMPLES Too many samples specified.
2583 AIN_EF_CHANNEL_INACTIVE AIN_EF channel has not been initialized. To initialize, set the index to a non-zero value.
2587 AIN_EF_STREAM_START_FAILURE Could not start the data collection stream.
2588 AIN_EF_COULD_NOT_FIND_PERIOD Failed to detect a period to perform calculations over.
2589 AIN_EF_MUST_BE_DIFFERENTIAL The selected AIN must be set to differential.
2590 AIN_EF_SCAN_TIME_TOO_LONG The data collection time (number of samples / scan_rate) is too big. Limit is set to 180 ms as of firmware 1.0170
2591 AIN_EF_INVALID_EXCITATION_INDEX The set excitation circuit is not valid, use a different excitation circuit.
2600 STREAM_NEED_AT_LEAST_ONE_CHN The list of channels to stream is empty.
2601 STREAM_CLOCK_BASE_NOT_WRITABLE Stream clock base is read only.
2603 STREAM_IN_SPONTANEOUS_MODE Stream data can not be read with commands while in spontaneous mode.
2605 STREAM_IS_ACTIVE The requested operation can not be performed while stream is running.
2606 STREAM_CONFIG_INVALID Stream resolution can not be greater than 8.
2607 STREAM_CHN_LIST_INVALID The channel list contains an unstreamable address.
2608 STREAM_SCAN_RATE_INVALID The scan rate times the number of channels per scan is too great for this device.
2610 STREAM_OUT_NUM_INVALID An invalid stream out number was specified.
2611 STREAM_DATA_TYPE_INVALID An unsupported data types was specified.
2612 STREAM_TARGET_CONFIG_INVALID Stream must be set to either spontaneous or command-response.
2613 STREAM_OUT_BUFF_FULL Attempted to write more data than the buffer can hold. Extra data was discarded.
2614 STREAM_OUT_TARGET_INVALID Specified address can not be a stream out target.
2615 STREAM_BUFF_SIZE_INVALID Specified buffer was either too large or not a power of 2.
2617 STREAM_OUT_BUFF_DNE The buffer size must be set before data can be written to it.
2618 STREAM_SAMPLES_PER_PKT_INVALID The specified number of samples per packet is too large.
2621 STREAM_SETTLING_INVALID Specified settling time is greater than the max possible.
2622 STREAM_OUT_LOOP_TOO_BIG Loop size too big for the current buffer size.
2624 STREAM_INVALID_DIVISOR Selected divisor can not be used.
2625 STREAM_CHN_CAN_NOT_BE_STREAMED The requested channel can not be streamed.
2626 STREAM_OUT_DAC_IN_USE The high resolution converter can not be used while stream out is used to update a DAC.
2627 STREAM_OUT_NEEDS_TO_BE_ENABLED The STREAM_OUT#_ENABLE register must be set to 1 before writing STREAM_OUT#_LOOP_NUM_VALUES, STREAM_OUT#_SET_LOOP, or any of the STREAM_OUT#_BUFFER_ registers.
2628 CANNOT_STREAM_FAST_WITH_DAC1_FREQUENCY_OUT_ENABLED DAC1_FREQUENCY_OUT_ENABLE should be disabled before streaming at rates above 10kHz due to poor frequency output performance at higher stream rates.
2629 CANNOT_ENABLE_DAC1_FREQUENCY_OUT_WITH_FAST_STREAM DAC1_FREQUENCY_OUT_ENABLE should not be enabled while streaming at rates above 10kHz due to poor frequency output performance at higher stream rates.
2671 SWDT_ENABLED The watchdog must be disabled before the requested operation can be performed.
2692 RTC_NOT_PRESENT The requested operation can not be performed on units without a real-time-clock.
2700 SPI_MODE_INVALID Valid modes are 0-3.
2702 SPI_CS_PIN_INVALID Attempted to set an invalid pin.
2703 SPI_CLK_PIN_INVALID Attempted to set an invalid pin.
2704 SPI_MISO_PIN_INVALID Attempted to set an invalid pin.
2705 SPI_MOSI_PIN_INVALID Attempted to set an invalid pin.
2706 SPI_CS_PIN_RESERVED Selected pin is not available.
2707 SPI_CLK_PIN_RESERVED Selected pin is not available.
2708 SPI_MISO_PIN_RESERVED Selected pin is not available.
2709 SPI_MOSI_PIN_RESERVED Selected pin is not available.
2720 I2C_BUS_BUSY One or both of the I2C lines are held low. Check hardware and reset the bus.
2721 I2C_NO_DATA_AVAILABLE Attempted to read from an empty buffer.
2722 I2C_SDA_PIN_INVALID Attempted to set an invalid pin.
2723 I2C_SCL_PIN_INVALID Attempted to set an invalid pin.
2724 I2C_SDA_PIN_RESERVED Selected pin is not available.
2725 I2C_SCL_PIN_RESERVED Selected pin is not available.
2729 I2C_SPEED_TOO_LOW The throttle setting is too low, watchdog may fire. Minimum value = 46000
2740 SBUS_COMM_TIME_OUT Slave device did not respond.
2741 SBUS_NO_ACK Slave device did not acknowledge the data transfer.
2743 SBUS_INVALID_DIO_NUM Attempted to set an invalid pin.
2744 SBUS_BACKGROUND_SERVICE_ON Command-response reads can not be used while the background service is running.
2745 SBUS_CHECKSUM_ERROR SHT communication checksum failed.
2760 TDAC_SDA_SCL_INVALID SCL must be even and SDA must be SCL+1.
2761 TDAC_SCL_INVALID Attempted to set an invalid pin.
2762 TDAC_INVALID_CHANNEL Specified channel not supported on this device.
2763 TDAC_CAL_READ_FAILURE Failed to read TDAC calibration.
2764 TDAC_NOT_FOUND The TDAC did not respond to communication attempts.
2770 ONEWIRE_UNSUPPORTED_FUNCTION Unknown function specified.
2771 ONEWIRE_NO_PRESENCE_PULSE Unable to detect any devices on the bus.
2780 ASYNCH_NUM_DATA_BITS_INVALID The specified number of data bits is not supported.
2781 ASYNCH_NUM_TO_WRITE_INVALID The number of bytes to send is invalid.
2782 ASYNCH_READ_BUFF_SIZE_INVALID The specified buffer size is invalid. Max is 2048.
2783 ASYNCH_BAUD_TOO_HIGH Baud rate too high for this device.
2784 ASYNCH_IS_ENABLED Specified operation can not be performed while enabled.
2785 ASYNCH_IS_NOT_ENABLED Specified operation can not be performed while disabled.
2786 ASYNCH_TX_BUFFER_FULL Transmit buffer is full.
2787 ASYNCH_TX_TIMEOUT Transmission timed out. Do not write more than 100 ms at a time.
2788 ASYNCH_BAUD_ZERO Baud rate is zero. Please specify a baud rate.
2801 FILE_IO_DISK_ERROR A hard error occurred in the low level disk I/O layer.
2802 FILE_IO_INTERNAL_ERROR Assertion failed.
2803 FILE_IO_NOT_READY The physical drive cannot work.
2804 FILE_IO_NO_FILE Could not find the file.
2805 FILE_IO_NO_PATH Could not find the path.
2806 FILE_IO_PATH_NAME_INVALID The path name format is invalid.
2807 FILE_IO_DENIED Access denied due to prohibited access or directory full.
2808 FILE_IO_EXIST Access denied due to prohibited access.
2809 FILE_IO_INVALID_OBJECT The file/directory object is invalid. Under the context of getting performing a "ls" command 2809 indicates that there are no more files.
2810 FILE_IO_WRITE_PROTECTED The physical drive is write protected.
2811 FILE_IO_INVALID_DRIVE The logical drive number is invalid.
2812 FILE_IO_NOT_ENABLED The volume has no work area.
2813 FILE_IO_NO_FILESYSTEM There is no valid FAT12, FAT16, or FAT32 volume.
2814 FILE_IO_MKFS_ABORTED The f_mkfs() aborted due to any parameter error.
2815 FILE_IO_TIMEOUT Could not get a grant to access the volume within defined period.
2816 FILE_IO_LOCKED The operation is rejected according to the file sharing policy.
2817 FILE_IO_NOT_ENOUGH_CORE LFN working buffer could not be allocated.
2818 FILE_IO_TOO_MANY_OPEN_FILES Number of open files greater than allowable limit (files > _FS_SHARE).
2819 FILE_IO_INVALID_PARAMETER Given parameter is invalid.
2942 STREAM_SCAN_OVERLAP A new scan started before the previous scan finished. Generally occurs because ScanRate > MaxSampleRate/NumChannels. Note that MaxSampleRate is impacted by Range, ResolutionIndex, and Settling. Try adding commands right before StreamStart to set AIN_ALL_RANGE=10, STREAM_RESOLUTION_INDEX=0, and STREAM_SETTLING_US=0.
2945 STREAM_BUFFER_FULL Stream buffer filled up while autorecover was disabled. Stream stopped.
2960 FILE_IO_NOT_FOUND The requested file was not found.
2961 FILE_IO_NO_DISK No SD card present or SC card could not be initialized.
2962 FILE_IO_INVALID_NAME The file name is invalid.
2963 FILE_IO_FILE_NOT_OPEN An open file is required to perform the requested operation.
2964 FILE_IO_TOO_MANY_OPEN There are too many files open.
2965 FILE_IO_SD_CARD_NOT_FOUND Failed to mount the SD card. Card may be bad or incompatible.
2966 FILE_IO_END_OF_CWD There are no more files in the current working directory.

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Hi, just started using labjack and i am getting a labjack Error#1298 using the LJLogM1.03

any help?

That is LJME_ATTR_LOAD_COMM_FAILURE.  2 typical causes:

1.  Most common.  In LJM versions < 1.0800 (which is not yet released as of this writing), you can get this error if you do a DeviceType=Any open call and LJM can't find a T7 but does find a U3, U6, or UE9.

2.  LJM was able to open a T7 matching your open parameters, but beyond the open the T7 did not respond properly.

I have tried eReadNames Example.vi for simple connection check. When my T7 is connected to my laptop (WIFI Access Point) which runs the VI everything seems to work and I can choose WIFI or USB as connection type and corresponding number (1 or 4) is displayed. However, when I run the same program and the only difference is that I am powering the T7 via USB from a different computer, initially error #1298 is displayed (Kipling still shows that there is a WIFI connection). After I specify device/connection type and identifier I am getting a different error: #1227. How can I fix this? (I started using Labjack 2 weeks ago so I believe that I have everything updated)




Most likely the T7 isn't connected to the same network as the laptop.  i.e. the laptop is serving as the access point(creating the network), and I'm not sure if the laptop wireless transceiver is half-duplexed such that it can also be a member of that same network.  What happens if the T7 is connected to a dedicated WiFi AP, and the laptop is connected to that same access point?  If the identifier you are using is the T7s serial number, try using the T7s IP address instead.  Can you successfully ping the T7's IP address? 

There are a lot of other tips at the bottom of this app note http://labjack.com/support/app-notes/basic-networking-troubleshooting

In terms of posting on this error codes page, the normal way to get a string version of error codes is with the LJM function mentioned above, and this is what you will see in all LabVIEW_LJM examples.  To see a listing of error codes, you can look at LabJackM.h and ljm_constants.json as mentioned above.

You seem to be having communication, networking, or WiFi configuration problems.  That is beyond the scope of this page, so I suggest you start a forum topic.  Following are points you can comment on to start the forum topic:

During troubleshooting at least, make sure only one program is open at a time that might talk to the T7-Pro.

If you run Kipling on the Laptop does it find the WiFi connection on the T7-Pro, and if you connect using that can you go to the different device tabs and see readings?

Add a USB connection between the laptop and the T7-Pro, run Kipling, and connect to the T7-Pro using the USB connection.   Go to the 12th bullet in the WiFi Troubleshooting Tips.  The other bullets in that list are also useful.