5.13 - How do I disable gRPC? | LabJack
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5.13 - How do I disable gRPC?

To disable LJM's use of gRPC, set the LJM library configuration LJM_RPC_ENABLE to 0 (false). Do this before calling any Open or ListAll calls. This can be done in the startup configs or by writing using WriteLibraryConfigS.

For example, in C:

    int error = LJM_WriteLibraryConfigS("LJM_RPC_ENABLE", 0);
    if (error != LJME_NOERROR) {
        // handle error
        printf("LJM_RPC_ENABLE fail\n");

or, with LJM_Utilities.h:

    SetConfigValue("LJM_RPC_ENABLE", 0);