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LJM_AUTO_RECONNECT_WAIT_MS is a numerical readable-writable LJM library configuration that sets how long in milliseconds LJM waits between attempts to reconnect when a device has been found to be disconnected. The default is 500 milliseconds.

The constant LJM_AUTO_RECONNECT_WAIT_MS can be used interchangeably with the string "LJM_AUTO_RECONNECT_WAIT_MS".

Relevant Functions

To read LJM_AUTO_RECONNECT_WAIT_MS, use LJM_ReadLibraryConfigS.

To write LJM_AUTO_RECONNECT_WAIT_MS, use LJM_WriteLibraryConfigS or LJM_LoadConfigurationFile.

See also: How to deal with LJME_RECONNECT_FAILED.

For more LJM configurations, see Library Configuration Functions.