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LJM_AUTO_IPS_FILE is an LJM configuration that describes the absolute or relative file path of the LJM auto IPs file.

To read, pass LJM_AUTO_IPS_FILE to LJM_ReadLibraryConfigStringS to get a string containing the file path.

To write, pass LJM_AUTO_IPS_FILE and string containing a file path to LJM_WriteLibraryConfigStringS, or use LJM_LoadConfigurationFile.

The constant LJM_AUTO_IPS_FILE can be used interchangeably with the string "LJM_AUTO_IPS_FILE".

Default Location

Windows Vista and later:
Windows XP:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\LabJack\LJM\ljm_auto_ips.json
Mac OS X and Linux:


To set LJM_AUTO_IPS_FILE to the default location, set it to "default" or an empty string. For example, in C/C++:

int error = LJM_WriteLibraryConfigStringS(LJM_AUTO_IPS_FILE, "default");

LJM will attempt to create the file specified by LJM_AUTO_IPS_FILE if it does not exist.

For more LJM configurations, see Library Configuration Functions.