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SIGVIEW, an application compatible with LabJack USB, Ethernet, and WiFi DAQ Devices

SIGVIEW is a real-time and offline signal analysis software package with wide range of powerful signal analysis tools, statistics functions and a comprehensive visualization system. SIGVIEW is distributed as shareware - you can download a completely functional version and use it for 21 days to find out if it suits your needs. Starting with SIGVIEW version 2.7.0 the LabJack U3 and U6 are supported. Data can be sampled though the analog inputs at a rate up to a total of 50 kHz.

For more details, look at some of these links:

Example with a LabJack U6

Below are some images demonstrating LabJack configuration (sampling 2 channels, AIN0 and AIN1, at the individual sample rate of 16 kHz) and displaying the samples in real-time.

SIGVIEW: Open Data Acquisition window. SIGVIEW: Configure the data acquisition device for the connected LabJack U6. SIGVIEW: Press the record button and view the sampled AIN0 and AIN1 data in real-time.

Some information and images displayed on this page are from SIGVIEW's website as of November 3, 2015: