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LabJack U3-LV Multifunction USB Data Acquisition device

FlowStone is a product by a company DSP Robotics and is a graphical programming language similar to LabVIEW, but quite simple to use. Flowstone has ready-made modules for the U3, and many other devices such as Phidgets, credit card scanners, cameras, and Console controllers.

More information about Flowstone and its capabilities can be found on their website:

The full list of compatible hardware for Flowstone can be found here:


FlowStone is an ideal software package for beginners, and the entry-level version can be downloaded for free from their website.


Basic examples showing the use of timers, analog inputs, and digital I/O are attached.  Refer to the following link for more details on getting started with a U3:


This basic example shows the use of a U3's timers, analog inputs, and digital I/O.

One of their customers posted on their forums a screen shot of a U3 collecting temperature data over time:

U3 USB DAQ collecting temperature data with flowstone

Some information and images displayed on this page are from Flowstone's website as of November 3, 2015:

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