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1.1 - Welcome

With DAQFactory-Express you can take data and control outputs, log data to files easily read by other programs like Excel, create your own screens for displaying your data using any combination of 10 screen components including buttons, graphs, images and more.

For more advanced applications, consider one of the other versions of DAQFactory which, depending on the version, include 42 screen components, networking, PID, alarming, a 3800 image library, unlimited channels, unlimited pages, unlimited scripting and much more. All your DAQFactory-Express applications will work in the other versions of DAQFactory. Go to www.daqexpress.com for a table describing the different versions.

This document will start you on your way using your new device with DAQFactory-Express and will also work in all the other versions of DAQFactory. Feel free to use DAQFactory-Express to its full capabilities. If you need a more powerful version such as demonstrated by the trial version, please visit www.azeotech.com or your LabJack reseller to purchase a license.

For updates to DAQFactory Express, sample documents and other DAQFactory Express specific information, please visit www.daqexpress.com.

This document is not for the LabJack U12, which uses a different driver. Please see the DAQFactory help file for information on using the U12 with DAQFactory.