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2.1 - Installation (Applies to UD-Series)

The LabJack software must be installed on any machine that uses the LabJack device, and should be installed before you plug the device into the USB port. DAQFactory Express and the 25 day trial of DAQFactory Pro are separate installers that can be downloaded from the Azeotech website. DAQFactory installers do not include the low level LabJack drivers, so you must install the drivers that come from LabJack to use their devices.

Note: If you get a alert message in DAQFactory saying that it is unable to load the LabJackN.dll file then you probably forgot to install the LabJack drivers from LabJack. Go to labjack.com for the latest drivers. If you upgrade DAQFactory (by going to www.azeotech.com) or DAQFactory Express (by going to www.daqexpress.com), you will most likely also need to ensure that you are using the latest LabJack drivers. You should therefore go to labjack.com and download and install those drivers as well.