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DAQFactory Overview

DAQFactory is measurement and automation software from AzeoTech.  The free version, DAQFactory Express, supports the U12 library, the UD library (U3, U6, and UE9), and the LJM library (T-series). To get DAQFactory Express, download the normal DAQFactory Pro Trial from AzeoTech, and the Express version is included.

DAQFactory allows non-programmers to make custom applications.  It is easy to collect input data, convert to engineering units, display it, and log it to file, without any programming (see the quick tutorial below).  Scripting is also supported so you can do advanced applications with control and automatic setting of outputs.  For more information, or to download, go to azeotech.com.  For support, use AzeoTech's forum.



During creating an analog input channel in DAQ factory when Labjack U6 is connected to windows an alert is popping up.It reads Labjack not found.Why is it so? I don't understand.Can you just give a solution for this?

Thank you.

Does the U6 work properly in the test panel in LJControlPanel?

Make sure LJControlPanel and any other U6 related software is all closed before you run DAQFactory.

I would continue this discussion in Section 2 of the DF-LJ App Guide or on the LabJack Forum.

Okay I got it corrected.Then when should I use LJControlPanel and U6 related software?

Thank You.

There are various reasons to use different software, but just keep in mind that you can only use 1 program at a time.  You might run LJControlPanel for troubleshooting or configuration, but then make sure you close it before you run another program such as LJLogUD or DAQFactory.

FYI, DAQFactory is Windows-only.

I'm replacing my U12 device with a T7, but neither the LJ Control Panel 2.31 nor DaqFactory 5.90 (latest versions as of Oct 22, 2013) can 'find' the T7 device.  Kipling finds it, but my instrument control is via DaqFactory.  I'm pretty new to Labjacks, so please tell me what i'm missing (besides some neurons).



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I cannot seem to find information on a tutorial for using DAQFactory for the U12. You mentioned that it supports the U12 factory, but explicitly state on your .pdf tutorial that it doesn't apply to the U12. Is there any documentation that discusses how to use DAQFactory with the U12? I am a beginner with Python programming, so I was hoping that DAQFactory could help me with data acquisition instead of trying to teach myself how to write a Python program for using the U12. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  

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We started a topic on the AzeoTech forum.  Lets see if they can help with this:


If you get an error from that link it means AzeoTech has not approved the post yet.