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Friday April 3rd, 2020
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Why am I not receiving emails from LabJack?

LabJack sends automated emails including when you create your LabJack account, when you purchase items, when your forum posts are replied to. If you're not getting emails from LabJack, try these steps:

Check your registered email address

We've all typed an email address wrong at some point. To check that you haven't, follow these steps:

First, go to you user page by clicking on your user name:

Select User page

Next, go to the Edit tab:

Select Edit tab

Lastly, edit your email address and save:

Edit your email address

Check your spam folder:

LabJack sends emails from [email protected], so make sure there are no emails that were accidentally marked as spam from [email protected].

Let us know

Still not receiving emails from us? Please contact us.