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What driver/library should I use with my LabJack?

T-Series - The LabJack T4 and T7


Library: LJM Library

Configuration: Kipling

Firmware upgrading: Kipling

Data logging: LJLogM and LJStreamM (Windows only)

All T-series software options


UD-Series - The LabJack U3, U6, and UE9


Library: UD Library

Configuration: LJControlPanel

Firmware upgrading: LJSelfUpgrade

Data logging: LJLogUD and LJStreamUD

Linux and macOS:

Library: Exodriver (also known as liblabjackusb)

All UD-Series software options


The LabJack U12


Library: U12 Library (also known as ljackuw)

Configuration, data logging: U12 Applications

Linux and macOS:

Library: U12 Mac & Linux Driver (also known as ljacklm)


Libraries By Device Support

  T-Series UD-Series LabJack U12
LJM library (Windows/Linux/macOS) High-level support Not supported Not supported
UD library (Windows) Not supported High-level support Not supported
U12 Library (Windows) Not supported Not supported High-level support
U12 Mac & Linux Driver (Linux/macOS) Not supported Not supported Low-level support
Exodriver[1] (Linux/macOS) Low-level support[1] Low-level support Low-level support[2]

[1] Recommended: Use LJM for T-series instead of Exodriver.

[2] Recommended: Use U12 Mac & Linux Driver for U12 instead of Exodriver.


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