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T7SUPPORT COM credit card charges

We are getting calls and emails from people who see a charge on the credit card from t7support.com. One customer sent us a photo and it showed:

T7SUPPORT COM 8884051 888-405-1915 N...        $67.00

This is not us.  We are LabJack Corporation at labjack.com.  We make measurement & automation devices.  We have a product called the T7, and provide great support for it at labjack.com/support/t7, but we do not own the domain t7support.com or any t7support domains.  We provide support for our product called the LabJack T7, but the text t7support or t7support com is not something we use.

If you go to t7support.com, it takes you to turn7help.com.  This page belongs to The Hero Company.  Please contact them about any credit card charges labeled T7SUPPORT COM.

The Hero Company Inc.
DBA/ The Social Man
100 Congress Ave, Suite 2000
Austin, TX 78745

US: +1-888-405-1915