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UE9 LabVIEW Native TCP Example [UE9 Datasheet]

These VIs make use of the native TCP capability of LabVIEW. They do not require any special LabJack drivers, and thus should work on any LabVIEW platform that supports TCP. We have tested them on Windows, and customers have tested them on Linux. Please let us know of any feedback for other operating systems supported by LabVIEW (Mac, Pocket PC, Palm). Also includes UDP VIs. Refer to the "readme.txt" file in the zip for more information. Simply extract the folder to the desired location. Delete any previous VIs first. LabVIEW 6.0 or higher. Oct 20, 2009.


Here's an issue and a fix.  Some of the VIs need minor modification to work with LV 2010. 

Some of the VIs have broken wires.  To fix, the "connection ID" controls and "connection ID out" indicators must be changed from type "tcp network connection" to type "udp network connection".

This issue applies to the following VIs:

in the folder LabVIEW_NativeTCP_UE9\Utility Functions:

     Ethernet Send-Receive UDP.vi

in the folder LabVIEW_NativeTCP_UE9\NativeUDP :

     NTCP UE9 TimerCounter.vi, NUDP UE9 CommConfig.vi, NUDP UE9 ControlConfig.vi, NUDP UE9 Feedback.vi, NUDP UE9 Raw.vi, NUDP UE9 SingleIO.vi

hope this helps,