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UE9 C Native TCP Example [UE9 Datasheet]

For Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. This package contains example code (written in C) for calling low-level UE9 functions over a TCP connection (no special drivers required). Refer to the readme file in the zip for more information. Updated June 16, 2015, 47 KB.

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Hi This is for Linux (Ubuntu) only! When running a LabJack UE9 on an IP-network, with the UE9 configured to ask for an IP-address via DHCP, there might be an issue to find out the IP-address that was given to it. This Perl program is meant to make it easy to find out. For now, it is expected to find exactly one UE9 on the local IP subnet. Have a look here: https://github.com/rsvenning/find_ue9 How to get a copy from GITHub and run it: 1. You need to have git installed. Run 'git help' to find out. 2. You need to have perl installed. Run 'perl -v' to find out. 3. With GIT installed, get a copy of find_ue9.pl like this. $ mkdir tmp $ cd tmp $ git clone git://github.com/rsvenning/find_ue9.git 4. Example of use. $ cd find_ue9 $ ./find_ue9.pl # Child, listening on port 52363 (UDP) # Parent, about to send broadcast, from IP-address: to Broadcast-address:, Port: 52362 # Child, datagram received: UE9_IP_address UE9_IP_gateway UE9_IP_subnet UE9_portA 52360 UE9_portB 52361 UE9_MAC_address 00:50:c2:a0:89:76 Enjoy! /Roger S

Thank you for sharing this.