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Tuesday April 7th, 2020
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1.2 - Self-Upgrade Application (LJSelfUpgrade) [UE9 Datasheet]

Both processors in the UE9 have field upgradeable flash memory. The self-upgrade application shown in Figure 1.2-1 programs the latest firmware onto either processor.

First, put valid values in the “Connect by” box. If USB, select first found or specify a local ID. If Ethernet, specify the IP Address. These values will be used for programming and everything else.

Click on “Get Version Numbers” to find out the current firmware versions on the device. Then use the provided Firmware Upgrade File internet link to go to labjack.com, go to the UE9 Firmware subsection, and check for more recent firmware. Download firmware files to the any location on your computer.

Click the Browse button and select the firmware file to program. Based on the file name, the application will determine whether the Comm or Control processor is to be programmed.

Click the Program button to begin the self-upgrade process.


Figure 1.2-1. Self-Upgrade Application


If problems are encountered during programming, try the following:

  1. Unplug the UE9, wait 5 seconds then reconnect the UE9. Click OK then press program again.

  2. If step 1 does not fix the problem, unplug the UE9 and watch the Control and Control LEDs while plugging the UE9 back in. Follow the following steps based on the Comm and Control LEDs' activity:
    1. If the Comm LED blinks several times and the Control LED is blinking rapidly (flash mode), connect a jumper between FIO0 and SCL, then unplug the UE9, wait 5 seconds and plug the UE9 back in. Try programming again (disconnect the jumper before programming).
    2. If the Comm LED blinks several times and the Control LED has no activity, connect a jumper between FIO1 and SCL, then unplug the UE9, wait 5 seconds and plug the UE9 back in. Try programming again (disconnect the jumper before programming).
    3. If the Comm LED has no activity, the UE9's Comm processor is not starting properly. Please restart your computer and try programming again.
  3. If there is no activity from the UE9's LEDs after following the above steps, please contact support.


I just tried upgraded my Control processor and got the following error:

Error : Problem during programming (try again)
Additional Error Info:
Error erasing page 8

Trying to reprogram the Comm Processor results in the following error:

Error : Unable to connect
Additional Error Info:
Device not open


I hope it isn't bricked.




The error upgrading the Control processor is something we sometimes see when moving from very old firmware to current firmware.  It is usually resolved by just retrying a couple times, but the Comm error sounds worse since you need to talk to the Comm to program either processor.

Make sure you have the latest driver installed.  Are the LEDs on your UE9 acting normally at power-up?  Are you using USB or Ethernet?  If Ethernet, try USB.

LEDs look good on power up. I was using USB

LJ Self Upgrade tells me i have driver version 3.25 (Up to Date) downloaded 3.25 uninstalled and reinstalled anyways.

Relaunched LJ Self Upgrade getting Version numbers was successful (1.40 Comm, 1.930 Control, 1.140 Bootloader), ran test script and LJ works.

Tried programming to 2.11 again said yes to reset to factory default prompt and programming successful.

Now to see if i can the LJ socket to work.