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4.3.4 - Analog Outputs [UE9 Datasheet]

The IOType to set the voltage on an analog output is:


The following are IOTypes used to write/read the enable bit for each DAC. Note that although there is an enable bit for each DAC on the UE9, both DACs are enabled or disabled at the same time:

LJ_ioPUT_DAC_ENABLE  //Applies to both DACs.  Channel # ignored.
LJ_ioGET_DAC_ENABLE  //Applies to both DACs.  Channel # ignored.

The following is a special channel, used with the get/put config IOTypes, to configure a parameter that applies to both DACs:

LJ_chDAC_BINARY   //If set nonzero put_dac values should be 0-65535.

Following is example pseudocode to set DAC1 to 2.5 volts:

//Set DAC1 to 2.5 volts.
ePut (lngHandle, LJ_ioPUT_DAC, 1, 2.50, 0);