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Appendix C - Enclosure and PCB Drawings [UE9 Datasheet]

See below drawings of the UE9. 

The square holes on the back of the enclosure are for DIN rail mounting adapters (TE Connectivity part #TKAD).

CAD drawings of the UE9 enclosure are attached to the bottom of this page. (DWG, DXF, IGES, STEP)

The UE9 enclosure base has a pair of slotted holes towards the communication end (left in below drawing), and another pair of mounting holes at the opposite end (right in below drawing).

UE9 OEM PCB Dimensions

Notes on OEM PCB Dimensions

  1. USB, PIN 4
  3. OEM 2X8 HEADER, 0.100" PITCH, PIN 1
  4. OEM 2X20 HEADER, 0.100" PITCH, PIN 1
  5. VEXT, PIN 1


More Details

See the OEM page for details on connector pin-headers and more.


Common neutral format CAD models are provided below. Right-click and select the "Save link as..." option to download STEP files.


Re the UE9 mechanical drawings: I'm designing an interface PCB that I want to plug onto the DA15 and DC37 connectors, so I have made reference to your drawings.

Your depiction of the DA15 connector shows 17 pins. There should be 15 pins. Also, lock hardware center spacing for the DA15 is shown at 1.300", should be 1.312".

Although the overall dimensions of your PCB drawing and your UE9 enclosure drawing seem to match the UE9, if I overlay the PCB and enclosure drawings, I

find that the connector centers for the screw terminal connectors do not match: Center spacing in the PCB drawing is 0.19685" (5mm) , and it's 0.200" in the

enclosure drawing. It's my guess that the PCB drawing is correct, and the enclosure drawing is incorrect. Correct?


You were right!  The files have been updated to resolve the issue.  Thank you for bringing this to our attention