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Software & Driver - DAC# (8-bit): IOType=34,25 [U6 Datasheet]

Table DAC 8-bit Command Response

DAC# (8-bit), 2 Command Bytes: 
0 IOType = 34, 35
1 Value
0 Response Bytes: 

This IOType will set the value of a single analog output. Use IOType 34 to set DAC0 and 35 to set DAC1. We recommend using the 16-bit IOType when using the U6.

  • Value: Valid values are: 0 to 255, where 255 (0xFF) will result in the maximum possible output.


There must be an error in the documentation. The link that brings one here has "IOTYPE=34,25" while the packet definition has "IOTYPE=34,35". Only one of these can be correct. I assume that it is the latter but could only tell by experimentation.

The page's heading was incorrect. It has been fixed. Thank you for letting us know.