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AIN24AR, 4 Command Bytes: 
0 IOType=3
1 PositiveChannel
2 Bits 0-3: ResolutionIndex
  Bits 4-7: GainIndex
3 Bits 0-2: SettlingFactor
  Bit 7: Differential
5 Response Bytes: 
1 AIN Bits 8-15
3 Bits 0-3: ResolutionIndex
  Bits 4-7: Gain Index
4 Status

This IOType returns a single analog input reading. Also returns the actual resolution and gain used for the reading.

Note: Do not call this IO type while streaming.

  • PositiveChannel: 0-143 for AIN0-AIN143. 14 is the internal temperature sensor and 15 is internal GND.
  • ResolutionIndex: 0=default, 1-8 for high-speed ADC, 9-12 for high-res ADC on U6-Pro. Value in the response is the actual resolution setting used for the reading.
  • GainIndex: 0=x1, 1=x10, 2=x100, 3=x1000, 15=autorange. Value in the response is the actual gain setting used for the reading.
  • SettlingFactor: 0=Auto, 1=20us, 2=50us, 3=100us, 4=200us, 5=500us, 6=1ms, 7=2ms, 8=5ms, 9=10ms.
  • Differential: If this bit is set, a differential reading is done where the negative channel is PositiveChannel+1.
  • AIN bytes: Analog input reading is returned as a 24-bit value (always unsigned).
  • Status: Reserved for future use.