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Software & Driver - AIN: IOType = 1 [U6 Datasheet]

AIN, 3 Command Bytes:  
0 IOType=1
1 PositiveChannel
2 Reserved
2 Response Bytes:  

This is the U3 style IOType to get a single analog input reading. It is available for compatibility, but to make full use of the U6 the new AIN24 IOType should be used.

Note: Do not call this IO type while streaming.

  • PositiveChannel: 0-143 for AIN0-AIN143. 14 is the internal temperature sensor and 15 is internal GND.
  • NegativeChannel: 0, 15, or 199 signifies a single-ended reading. For differential readings this should be positive channel plus one, where the positive channel is an even number from 0-142.
  • AIN LSB & MSB: Analog input reading is returned as a 16-bit value (always unsigned).