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4.2.7 - GoOne() [U6 Datasheet]

After using AddRequest() to make an internal list of requests to perform, call GoOne() to actually perform the requests. This function causes all requests on one particular LabJack to be performed. After calling GoOne(), call GetResult() or similar to retrieve any returned data or errors.

GoOne() can be called repeatedly to repeat the current list of requests. GoOne() does not clear the list of requests. Rather, after a particular device has performed a GoOne(), the first subsequent AddRequest() call to that device will clear the previous list of requests on that particular device only.

Note that for a single Go() or GoOne() call, the order of execution of the request list cannot be predicted. Since the driver does internal optimization, it is quite likely not the same as the order of AddRequest() function calls. One thing that is known, is that configuration settings like ranges, stream settings, and such, will be done before the actual acquisition or setting of outputs.


LJ_ERROR _stdcall GoOne(  LJ_HANDLE Handle  )

Parameter Description:
Returns: LabJack errorcodes or 0 for no error.

  • Handle – Handle returned by OpenLabJack().


  • None