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4.2.10 - DoubleToStringAddress() [U6 Datasheet]

Some special-channels of the config IOType pass IP address (and others) in a double. This function is used to convert the double into a string in normal decimal-dot or hex-dot notation.


LJ_ERROR _stdcall DoubleToStringAddress (  double Number,
                                           char *pString,
                                           long HexDot)

Parameter Description:
Returns: LabJack errorcodes or 0 for no error.

  • Number – Double precision number to be converted.
  • pString – Must pass a buffer for the string of at least 24 bytes.
  • HexDot – If not equal to zero, the string will be in hex-dot notation rather than decimal-dot.


  • pString – A pointer to the string representation.